Top 5 Winter Skin Care Trends for 2017

Here are some skin care trends, buzzwords, and innovations to have on your radar. It is likely you have tripped over these in the news, in magazines, and on product shelves. Below we offer Winter trends de-coded to help keep your skin in top shape.

  • Superfoods: Not just in edibles, but also in skin care. These A-list superfoods include: avocado, rose-hips, coconut, acai, quinoa, turmeric, goji, cacoa, chia, flax, red algae, and green tea. Why are these items moving from the list of ingredients in your smoothie and sneaking into skin care? These nutrient-packed foods can help heal and repair your body. Not only do you ingest nutrition from your gut but also through your largest organ, the skin. Superfoodsare nutrient dense powerhouses with large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. Also, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they help take down inflammation and repair damaged skin for a healthy glow. Don’t just eat them, but also slather them on.
  • Activated Charcoal: The go-to for hospitals around the world for a safe and effective treatment for poisonings and drug overdoses. Why do you find it in skin care? Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolized or absorbed by the body, yet it is proven to adsorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances, which makes it a popular ingredient in facial masks, soaps and treatments, trapping dirt, oil, bacteria and chemicals.
  • Oil-Based Skin Care Products: Choose products that protect skin from hydration loss. Most moisturizers contain up to 80% water. Initially, rubbing a body or hand lotion onto skin can feel great. But it isn’t a long-term solution, because the water doesn’t penetrate but evaporates from the skin. Invest in oil-based skin care, especially for the winter. The oil creates a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. Choose products with rich, essential fatty acids, that provide skin-care benefits such as hydrating, healing, as well as anti-aging properties.
  • Zinc: It’s not just vitamins that are essential to our bodies’ overall health and development, minerals are also essential to help your body take care of itself. Zinc is shown to be effective in treating topical irritations and injuries, including acne, skin sores and minor wounds. How? By helping cells to regenerate. Zinc is found in sunflower seeds, red meat, eggs, oysters and beans. This trace mineral is essential for maintaining the immune system. If you are deficient in zinc you might be more susceptible to a variety of infections such as the common cold. Research has suggested that zinc taken within 24-hours of a scratchy throat may reduce the duration of the common cold by days. And your skin could benefit at the same time. Zinc is a key part of your skin’s defense system, helping to heal and rejuvenate.
  • Drinking Bone Broth: Easy to make and relatively inexpensive, bone broth is the new elixir of wellness bloggers, celebrity chefs, and its popularity just continues to grow. Why? Because it is reported to promote strong bones, reduce join pain and inflammation, and to increase collagen in skin. Yes, you heard that right! Bone broth increases collagen, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, or so the experts say. It’s not exactly a new food. Grandmothers have been making it for ages, basically cooking bones in water to create a broth to add noodles, veggies, etc. So, if you’re someone who likes hot soup in the Winter, this is a trend you will definitely want to embrace! Especially if you desire shiny hair and luminous skin.

The Ultimate Age Stop Strategy after 35

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by Tsitaliya Mircheva

My favourite writer of all times once said: “I don’t believe in ageing, I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun”. I don’t know whether this sentence makes much sense to the modern woman of our time who is more concerned about crease lines, dynamic expression lines and gravitation folds rather than finding her spot under the sun, but for me, I learned quite early on to differentiate beauty from ageing when looking myself in the mirror. Smooth wrinkle-free skin doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful and equally, beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean young or perfectly proportioned.

What I always strive for when stealing that moment to look in the mirror, is a healthy, vibrant face and body. I strive towards a refreshed and vital glowing skin and not necessarily perfectly done make up or fuller lips, blow dried hair and chiseled cheekbones. This means that I care a lot more about what’s on my plate and how much I exercise than having the perfect manicure and skincare. Yet, there comes a time when you know that taking care of yourself internally has to be backed up with the proper skincare products, perhaps some supplements and a well groomed look.

And when it comes to skincare, in the times of the beauty cult we live in, it is never easy to choose what’s right. There are so many factors beside what you want for your skin. You need to consider the environment you live in, the seasons and climate change, and even your stress levels. So as much as it is about your self-esteem and how well you think of yourself, it is also about being able to raise your confidence from the outside to the inside: feeling good about the skin you live in.

Once I passed the age of 35 I tried a new product on the market called Age-Stop. Not that I believe that you can stop age, but I do try to keep my mind open, so I tried a product with a fairly impressive list of ingredients on the label, such as Swiss Snow Algae, Royal Epigen P5, Matrixyl® 3000 and Swiss Alpine Plant Stem Cells, which have won numerous international cosmetic awards as the very best ingredients in anti-aging science and skincare.

Two years after I tried the Perfection Concentrate I keep buying it and it turns out it is the one cosmetic line I’ve stayed loyal to for years. The product has now become a best seller worldwide and soon the line will consist of four products, and three more products are being developed as we speak.

In general I don’t have problem skin, so there was no dramatic change, but the way my skin feels is just different and that is enough to convince me. I will, however, not try to convince you but instead pose a few questions to Lilia Bassi, the founder and CEO of Age Stop Switzerland about ageing and how you can support your skin health after 35:

Tsitaliya: How did it happen that you started making your own serum Age-Stop? In other words why did you start producing AGE STOP PRODUCTS.

Lilia Bassi: Since the age of 17 I have had a life – -long ambition of producing my own Skincare line of products targeted towards anti-aging, I have had 3 fails on the way before AGE STOP PRODUCTS products became a Success in Switzerland and World-wide.

Tsitaliya: What is the biggest myth about ageing?

Lilia Bassi: For me the biggest myth about ageing is that genes play the biggest role in how you age. Not true. Even if you’re born with the healthiest set of genes, how you live your life determines how they behave over your lifespan. Your genes can be changed by what you eat, how much physical activity you get, and even your exposure to chemicals.

Tsitaliya: In what way women can slow down the process of ageing of the skin?

Lilia Bassi:

  1. Use SPF
  2. Avoid over-exfoliating
  3. Avoid doing too many conflicting in-salon treatments
  4. Don’t Smoke
  5. Eat lots of Seafood, fruits + vegetables
  6. Avoid drinking Alcohol -it does show on your face after 40
  7. Deep sleep and relaxing massages are important to balance your mind and body which leads to slower ageing process

Tsitaliya: You also are a beauty blogger – for how long, tell us a bit about your story of becoming an entrepreneur?!

Lilia Bassi: I have been blogging for about 4 years. But I have always been an entrepreneur and with my commercial banking background it was only a matter of time until I started on the path of my life -long dream of owning my own Skincare Brand. In short, I have always aspired to be the next Estee Lauder. Blogging was just a way for me to share my knowledge.

None of my blogs are sponsored -hence my viewers value my honesty as I say what I really think of the products I try.

This month you can buy any of the A.G.E. Stop products using the code mumsinheels, which gives you 20 USD discount per product. If you buy two products you will have 40 USD discount or three in a set 60 USD discount.

I am using very exciting anti-aging skin care products from a.g.e.stop Switzerland This post is about the Mimetic Peptides Night Miracle Cream

Original article can be found on: Transforming my oily & acne prone skin Blog

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I am using very exciting anti-aging skin care products from a.g.e.stop Switzerland This post is about the Mimetic Peptides Night Miracle Cream

I am very excited to let you know that for the past 10 days I’ve been using some exquisite anti-aging products from a.g.e. stop Switzerland.
The creator of the products and owner of the brand a.g.e.stop Switzerland is one of my beloved YouTube skin care gurus Lily.
She is someone I trust completely when it comes to skin care. She is not only extremely knowledgeable about skin care but also walks the talk. Her skin is wonderful and perfectly natural. No fillers, Botox or anything else artificial. In her videos, she is not wearing make up, she doesn’t seem to care about the lighting when she is in front of the camera. No matter the angle of light, her skin is amazing. And I don’t think she has any sort of special filming equipment. As you may know, many Youtubers have wonderful filming equipment with special lenses which make the skin look flawless……..
Anyways, back to why I admire, respect and trust Lily from iamabeautyjunkeechannel on Youtube- Whenever I followed her advice and recommendations I got great results. Below you can watch one of Lily’s videos in which she talks about the Mimetic Peptides Night Miracle Cream. This amazing peptides cream is the topic of this post.
About 15 days ago, Lily posted a video with a special offer 2 products for the price of 1 and I went ahead and made a purchase.
I bought the  newest a.g.e. stop product called Royal Epigen Perfection Concentrate and the second cream I was given was the Mimetic Pepties Night Miracle Cream.
My package arrived very fast with free Swiss post. Lily had included a sample for the  Oxygen Fusion Beauty Sleep mask and another  for the Swiss Bio Stem Cells Perfection concentrate.  ( I will write about the products I got in the form of very generous samples ( 10 ml each)  in another post. All I can say now is “Wow!” Make sure you come back to read my next posts).
To be honest I anticipated that all a.g.e. stop products will be amazing because they are literally packed with  well researched, well formulated, award winning ingredients which deliver measurable results. How do we know that they deliver measurable results? Because there is clinical research on those!
So I expected to be amazed and I am. It has been only 10 days since I first started using the a.g.e. stop products and it may seem too early to rave about them. But to tell the truth,  I wanted to write this post 5 days ago. That is how soon I saw a difference in my skin!
The first thing I noticed was that my complexion was more even toned and there was a glow to my skin. Not shiny, oily kind of glow, but a healthy, pearl- like glow. Also, my skin felt and looked supple and nourished, moisturized and comforted. One problematic area for me is under my chin. The skin there is pretty crepey and saggy. Well, the crepey skin under my chin is a thing of the past. How did that happen?
And as you may know, I am no stranger to super duper wonderful moisturizing and nourishing products. But nothing made such a remarkable difference to my crepey skin under my chin.  And certainly no other products gave me a healthy glow. To be honest, until you experience it, that “pearl-like glow” I am not sure if you would understand what I mean by that. But my skin is glowing! I still have my acne scars, uneven texture and all that, but my skin is healthier looking.
Just as I have faith in the peel for indented scars by Devotedthings, I have great faith now that the a.g.e. stop anti-aging products when used over several months will transform the texture of my skin. And here is why. One reason is that Lily, the creator and owner of the brand a.g.e.stop is someone I trust completely in regard to skin care. Her passion  and integrity in regard to skin care is unparalleled.
The second reason is the amount of scientific research that backs each ingredient. I consider myself very fortunate to get my hands on such powerful products. They are 50ml and now even 60ml for $85 each. Taking into consideration the powerful ingredients and the volume of product given, the price is just great. Oftentimes, for that price you are only given 30ml of a product with a few peptides…
Talking about powerful ingredients, here is what I mean. Did you know that Swiss Snow Algae which is the main ingredient, powerful, award winning ingredient present  in all a.g.e.stop products is actually a key ingredient in the super expensive La Prairie, Switzerland? La Prairie and a.g.e. stop buy the Snow algae ingredient from the same company called Mibelle Biochemistry.
Have a look at the ingredients for The Mimetic Peptides Night Miracle Cream
Swiss Snow Algae-award winning key ingredient in all a.g.e stop products
Alpine Rose Stem cells-they boost epidermal regeneration and improve the skin barrier function.
Oligogeline-Red Algae Extract
Bio-Mimetic Peptides-They prevent and diminish wrinkles. In this cream we find the three most known, most established, most awarded peptides.
Hyaluronic Acid-Lily says that if you are serious about anti-aging skin care you must have this ingredient in pretty much everything.
Vit. B12
Other wonderful ingredients included in this cream:
Brown seaweed extract
Jojoba yeast
What I find totally clever is that the list of ingredients is not only posted on the a.g.e. stop website, but next to each key ingredient,  in bullet points we read why this particular ingredient is amazing for the skin. And what is more,  if you are scientifically minded and wish to read up on the Clinical research behind the benefits of each ingredient, you are provided with a link to that information. How clever is that!?
Just to show you what I mean, I have taken the information below from the website:
Swiss Snow Algae (please visit to view Clinical Research)

  • Increases anti-ageing processes in the skin cells by (+47%).
  • Clinically proven to promote the longevity of skin cells.
  • Strengthens dermal connective tissues by 30.5%.
  • Inhibits collagen destruction in ageing skin cells by up to 47%.
  • Significant increase in skin hydration and a reduction of wrinkles by 25% in 14 days.
Every ingredient is explained like this. I love it!
What else?
The cream doesn’t have SPF and that is why it is called Night cream, but I can and have used it as a day cream. I wear sunblock every day anyways.
The cream has light texture, no scent and it applies beautifully. I would prefer some scent but I am not bothered by the lack of scent.
It is so gentle that it is used after skin laser procedures.
I love the fact that it can be applied around the eye area. Lily doesn’t believe in eye creams. All her products can be applied around the eyes and have been formulated and tested so that they would not irritate the eyes.
As you can tell I am very impressed with a.g.e. stop anti-aging products.  In this blog post I only managed to write about the cream, but you must come back and read my next posts. I will be writing about the Royal Epigen P5 Perfection Concentrate. And that is one fantastic product. Everything about it is pure luxury. From the royal jelly color and it’s fresh scent of Spring to the super smooth application. I’ve tried nothing like it. You are going to love reading about it.
Till next time, Milu

Skin care products for oily, acne prone skin that deliver visible results

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Skin care products for oily, acne prone skin that deliver visible results

My current skin care regimen is quite something. My skin has never looked better.

I wrote the above sentences yesterday. Today, I can feel a bit of congestion around my nose…

Don’t get me wrong, my skin is most definitely looking at its best these days. But I don’t want to leave you with the impression that all is perfect. Today I noticed the congestion around my nose, the other day I got a new cherry angioma 😦  That’s life.

To be honest, my whole body has been through a lot in the past two-three months, yet my skin not only remained clear of blemishes, but it became more luminous and brighter.

I don’t know if you would be able to relate to this, but my face has never been one uniform colour. The skin around my eyes and my neck are ivory with neutral to yellow  undertones, but the rest of my face has always been a shade of pink due to post inflammation scars and a bit of sun damage. Imagine how difficult it has been to choose the best colour foundation. Do I get one that matches my face, or my neck? I won’t go into that right now. I started telling you about all this because I wanted to share that these days my whole face is the same colour- super calm ivory with neutral to yellow undertones. Also,
1. I’ve had no skin issues before or during my periods.
2. Often times taking new supplements give me a few breakouts, but not this time. I am taking interesting new supplements. I will write about them in a different post.
3. I tried and failed at the Keto diet which apart from  depleting me from electrolytes it didn’t give me any skin rashes or pimples (Thank Goodness!)

So let me share with you the products responsible for my clear, brighter skin:

This is my Morning routine

Step 1 and Step 2

The first product I use after I cleanse my skin is the Mizon AHA and BHA toner.

It is a lovely smelling toner which prepares my skin for the BHA and AHA products. When I first used this toner months ago, I didn’t think it did anything  for my skin and had no plans to repurchase. But since then I’ve learnt that some products work on the skin without making a visible difference.

So how does this toner prepare my skin for the BHA and AHA products that follow?

Apparently for BHA and AHA to work properly they need the right pH. Some people  cleanse their skin, then wait 20 min so that the skin gradually gets to the  “right ” pH and only  then they apply  BHA or AHA products. But  I learnt that I can achieve the right pH quicker by using the Mizon toner. So after I wash my face, I don’t wait around for 20min, I use the Mizon toner straight away and then I apply a BHA or AHA product. Currently I use Cosrx BHA and AHA products.

On most days I  alternate between BHA and AHA products. But occasionally when I have more time, I use one after the other but I wait 20 min between the two applications. 

Step 3

20min after I have applied either the BHA or AHA product, I am ready to use The Body shop Anti-imperfections solution mixed with a couple of drops of Tea tree oil from The Body shop.

The Anti-imperfections solution has a serum-like consistency, it smells of Tea tree oil and it feels cooling and refreshing on the skin. But it leaves the skin sticky. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that it leaves the skin sticky till today, because I apply several more layers of skin care on top and the stickiness disappears.

The reason I mix it with a few drops of Tea tree oil from The Body shop is to make it more powerful for my super oily/acne prone skin. Please note that the Tea tree oil from The Body shop is diluted, it is not pure essential oil, therefore it is super gentle on the skin.

Both products are highly regarded by customers judging from the tons of positive reviews on The Body shop website. I am quite impressed with The Body shop these days, I have bought many products from the Tea tree range and several really good cleansers. I have not included cleansers in this post because I will be writing about them in a separate post later in the week.

This step of applying the Tea tree oil products is crucial for my clear skin. It has taken me a long time to figure out that BHA ( Salicylic acid) alone does not keep my skin clear. BHA unclogs the pores, but it doesn’t get rid of acne bacteria.

In my experience, Tea tree oil deals with the acne bacteria quite well especially when there is not too much of it. What do I mean?

When I had really bad acne ( lots of acne bacteria and clogged pores), neither Tea tree oil nor Salicylic acid worked for me….Now I think that the reason for that was not only the severity of my acne but also the fact that I did not use the two ingredients together.

Based on my experience, I think that my skin remains clear when internally I have my hormones balanced, when I have good digestion and healthy gut bacteria.

Externally, my skin remains clear when my pores are not clogged with oil, keratin or dirt and when acne bacteria is kept to a minimum.

In my experience, Tea tree oil and Salicylic acid on their own are not as effective as they are together. I know there are tons of people for whom only one or the other ingredient has “solved” their skin issues, sadly that is not the case with me. I need to use both ingredients.

Step 4

The next step is the most fun. I apply super potent anti-aging products. I love the a.g.e. stop Switzerland products I use currently because they are improving my skin in several ways. In addition to moisturizing, nourishing, brightening, soothing and smoothing existing wrinkles they stimulate collagen production and improve the elasticity of my skin. I am very interested in all things that stimulate collagen production because I have acne scars which are in essence indentations due to destroyed collagen. If you haven’t read my reviews on a.g.e.stop Switzerland products you really should.

For reviews on the products mentioned in this post see the links below:

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Till next time, Milu

Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate is one of my most cherished skin care finds of the first half of 2017

To learn more about this product -please visit:

Original Article can be found on: Transforming my oily & acne prone skin Blog

One of my most cherished skin care finds of the first half of 2017 is
Royal Epigen P5 Perfection Concentrate from a.g.e.stop Switzerland and here is why:
1. I’ve used the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate for about 15 days already but just within 5 days of using it, my skin felt and looked more supple, hydrated, and more refreshed than it has ever been!
2. It is packed with powerful, well researched  and most awarded anti-aging ingredients. I expect dramatic results to follow after a few months of use.
3. Applying it on my skin is just pure pleasure.
Let me set the stage for you. I am not some person with dehydrated skin who tries a reasonably hydrating product and goes, ” Oh how lovely. It has made such a difference.”
Before using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate, I’ve been using the amazing Harmonizen cream from Sulwhasoo for a long time.  If you are familiar with Sulwhasoo’s products you may remember that the Harmonizen cream is their top notch super duper amazing and super expensive cream. ( I was only able to afford it in the form of samples from eBay).
In other words, even before using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate, my skin was already extremely supple, soft and smooth. So try to imagine my surprise when after using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate my skin felt even more supple, more hydrated and even smoother!
But what surprised me the most was the visual difference the concentrate made to my skin. Each day I used it, my skin looked as if I’ve had a face massage. Super refreshed.
If you’ve had a face massage you know what I mean. After a face massage the skin looks more awake and the face seems lifted because the wrinkles and lines were smoothed.
I also noticed that the crepey skin under my chin disappeared and my skin tone seemed more even. But for the first week I was using all four of a.g.e. stop Switzerland anti-aging products,  so they may have contributed to some of the results collectively.
Also, my complexion seemed to have a glow.  I was sceptical at first. Was I imagining things? But it has been 15 days since I first started using the concentrate and I’ve confirmed it with several mirrors. My skin is glowing.
I used to roll my eyes whenever a Korean product would list “luminance” as one of the expected results. No more. I am a believer.
The Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate comes in a lovely looking bottle with airless pump. I absolutely love its deep yellow colour. As you will see in the photo below, the colour is very similar to the true colour of  the precious Royal Jelly.
And Oh my goodness, the scent! Honestly, each day I look forward to this scent. To imagine it, try thinking of Spring flowers, but not the fragrant ones. Think of delicate snowdrops or tulips picked on a crisp Spring morning.
Applying it on the skin is pure joy for the senses. Little goes a long way because of its light, serum like texture. And just as the other a.g.e.stop Switzerland products, I apply Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate around the eyes as well. My droopy lids need as much help as they can get. I apply it at night because that is when I have more time to spread it slowly and enjoy the experience.
Honestly, the whole experience of applying this concentrate to my skin feels super luxurious. The light texture, the fresh scent and even its deep yellow colour make me feel as if I am applying something as precious as liquid gold on my skin. I love it.
In the photograph below you will see in light yellow real Royal Jelly- one of the most super of all super foods! In deep yellow colour is the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate. Isn’t that colour just gorgeous?!
Luckily for someone as heavy-handed as me when it comes to applying skin care products, the bottle is a generous 60ml.
The outer packaging has instructions in four languages- English, Russian, German and French.
On the outer packaging, in the list of ingredients I find not only the INCI names of the ingredients but also their trade names. What does that mean? I Googled it and found out the following:
The INCI names of ingredients are the scientific names of cosmetic ingredients. For example we all know of the super famous peptide Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl 3000 is the trade name. The  INCI name  for Matrixyl 3000 is actually Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide -7.
Apparently, skin care products must list the ingredients by writing their scientific INCI names. And in case you are wondering, the abbreviation INCI stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.
Isn’t this super helpful to those of us who are not familiar with the INCI names of ingredients? I think that’s one brilliant idea.
Have a look at the photograph below of the list of ingredients. In light grey are the INCI names of ingredients, in bold are the trade names. Not a brilliant photo but you get the picture 🙂
“Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science” is the brand’s motto.
I am inspired by the owner of the brand, Lily. She is one of my most favourite Youtubers. Her channel is called
Whenever I follow Lily’s recommendations I get results I love. In regard to skin care I trust her completely. It is hard to come by such passion and integrity as hers.
She often says that her skin is her brand. She is nearly 40 years young yet with no fillers or Botox, her skin is wonderfully youthful. I have watched pretty much all her videos and it always amazes me that with a  normal camera, different angles of lighting,  and no make up- her skin is  always impeccable.
Have a look at the video below in which Lily talks about the Royal Epigen P5 Concetrate
Below is Lily’s latest video in which she is the guest speaker at Ladies Lunch Zurich in Switzerland. All the ladies in this short clip look lovely and elegant. But notice Lily’s glow…She looks as if she has just stepped out of a Spa…
Now perhaps the most impressive part.
Have a look at the long list of powerful, well researched, well formulated, and award winning ingredients included in Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate:
Swiss Snow Algae
PhytocellTec Numatak
Royal Epigen P5
Golden Collagencine PF Peptide
Hyaluronic Acid
Matrixyl 3000
Bifida Ferment Lysate
Hydrolized Silk
Now that is one amazingly powerful ingredient list.
The full list of ingredients is on the a.g.e.stop Switzerland website. Each key ingredient is explained and we can read why each ingredient is good for our skin. And for those of us that are more scientifically minded and would like to read up on the research behind the claims, there is a link to that information.
Here is what you will find when you go to the list of ingredients on the a.g.e. stop Switzerland website. All key ingredients are listed in this manner. Below I’ve included just a couple of ingredients to illustrate the point:
PhytoCellTecNunatak® (please visit view Clinical Research)

  • Increases anti-ageing processes in the skin cells by (+40%).
  • Clinically proven to promote the longevity of skin cells.
  • Strengthens dermal connective tissues by 35%.
  • Inhibits collagen destruction in ageing skin cells by up to 58%.
  • Significant increase in skin hydration and a reduction of wrinkles by 30% in 20 days.

Award Winning – Swiss Developed Royal Epigen P5 (click on the Ingredient to view Clinical Research)

  • Delivers unparalleled smoothness to skin
  • Clinically proven to deliver radiant appearance to skin
  • Significant reduction of wrinkles
Here is a link to a.g.e.stop Switzerland for a full list of key ingredients for the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate.
As you can tell, I feel very excited to have found such an amazing product. Make sure to come back in a few months time for my update!
Till next time,

RoyalEpigen P5 Rejuvenation through epigenetic science – A Royal Jelly-like Peptide for Skin Regeneration

Royal Epigen P5 Perfection Concentrate -contains this latest Award Winning Peptide -please visit to learn more about this product.

A Royal Jelly-like Peptide for Skin Regeneration

RoyalEpigen P5 is a new and biologically-active peptide that activates skin regeneration and glow. Inspired by epigenetic science, this peptide mimics royal jelly to maximize its positive effects on the skin.

Honeybee workers and queens greatly differ in appear- ance, longevity and behavior despite the fact that they share exactly the same DNA. In 2011, Japanese scientists discovered that honeybees modify their genetic code by consuming royal jelly. Indeed, a protein of this peculiar juice was shown to be able to modify gene expression in honeybees without changing the DNA sequence, a bio- logical process called epigenetics. This protein was named royalactin (“queenmaker”) as it determined the fate of the honeybee.

Due to the fact that royalactin is unstable and too large to penetrate the skin, Mibelle Biochemistry has deve- loped a peptide that copies its active sequence. For improved skin uptake, the peptide was incorporated into a soft sphere carrier system based on shea butter.

In vitro assays performed on skin cells showed the capacity of RoyalEpigen P5 to:

  • improve tissue regeneration by stimulating cell proliferation and migration
  • maintain the regenerative potential of skin cells in an aging environment
  • activate protein turnover through proteasome stimulation.

In clinical studies, RoyalEpigen P5 stimulated the skin renewal, which led to a rapid increase in skin smooth- ness. In addition to this, when applied on the face of women presenting uneven skin tones, this royalactin-like peptide improved the uniformity of their complexions within just 28 days.

RoyalEpigen P5

A new and biomimetic peptide based on Royalactin

Design of a Royalactin-like Peptide

Royalactin protein is unstable as it degrades very quickly. In addition, this molecule is too large to penetrate the skin. Therefore Mibelle Biochemistry developed a peptide that copies its active sequence.

This sequence, which consists of five amino acids corresponds to a highly conserved domain based on arginine that is shared by different ligands to the EGF receptor such as the EGF and TGF-α human growth factors.


Encapsulation to Become Biologically-Active

The stratum corneum is poorly permeable to hydro- philic and high molecular weight compounds such as peptides. Consequently, the pentapeptide (TRSEL) was incorporated into a soft sphere carrier system based on shea butter in order to:

• increase its penetration into the skin
• enhance its uptake by keratinocytes
• enable a controlled-release delivery
• protect the peptide molecules in the formulation against degradation.

RoyalEpigen P5 -Study results

Acceleration of Tissue Regeneration

The capacity of RoyalEpigen P5 to speed up tissue regeneration was analyzed by creating an artificial wound in a skin cell culture.

Normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK) were seeded in 96-well microplates in which a stopper is placed in the center of the well in order to create a cell- free area (artificial wound). Once cell adhesion is com- plete the stopper is removed and the test compounds (different concentrations of RoyalEpigen P5) are either added or not added to the culture medium.

Keratinocytes were labeled using a dye in order to follow their migration to the artificial wound, their proliferation and therefore the reduction of the wound surface.

Results showed that keratinocytes treated with Royal- Epigen P5 were able to close the wound much more quickly than the control ones. In addition, this effect was dose-dependent.

Compared to the control, following 24 hours
of incubation:
• 0.011% RoyalEpigen P5 accelerated wound healing

by half a day
• 0.033 % RoyalEpigen P5 accelerated wound healing

by one and a half days.

Furthermore, the effect of 0.033 % RoyalEpigen P5 was comparable to that of the positive reference (EGF 10 ng / mL).

Therefore, by stimulating cell migration and proliferation after tissue injury, RoyalEpigen P5 makes the skin recover its integrity more quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 13.37.32.png

Acceleration of Skin Cell Regeneration in Aging Conditions

The regenerative capacity of RoyalEpigen P5

during aging was analyzed by using a special pro-aging medium. Skin cells grown in this pro-aging environment exhibit a reduced proliferation and a shorter lifespan whilst remaining vital and maintaining a normal mor- phology.

Primary human keratinocytes were cultured in this medium either with or without 0.008 % RoyalEpigen P5 for a period of three weeks. Keratinocytes grown in a classic medium served as a control. On a weekly basis, the population doublings were analyzed.

The results show that the treatment with RoyalEpigen P5 was able to clearly improve the proliferation capacity of keratinocytes compared to the control (pro-aging medium).

RoyalEpigen P5 can therefore maintain an active cellular proliferation despite the aging process.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 13.39.46.png

Activation of Protein Turnover

Normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK) were cultured either with or without Royal- Epigen P5. From there, the expression of the SKP1 gene was analyzed by quantitative PCR. SKP1 codes for a protein (ubiquitin ligase component) that is required for the proteasome’s activation.

The proteasome is the cell’s own cleaning system.
Its role consists of degrading damaged and oxidized proteins and recycling them. The proteasome’s activity declines with age and with the increase in oxidative stress factors. This leads to an accumulation of oxidized proteins that favor a dull complexion.
SKP1 tags damaged proteins to make them recognizable by the proteasome.

Results showed that keratinocytes treated with Royal- Epigen P5 expressed much more SKP1 and this occurred in a dose-dependent way.
Therefore, RoyalEpigen P5 activates the protein turnover by stimulating the proteasome.

Epigenetic Mechanism: RoyalEpigen P5 Influences miRNA Expression

One epigenetic mechanism to influence the expression of genes without interfering with the genetic code are microRNAs (miRNAs).

miRNAs are short RNA pieces that are complementary to a part of a messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding for a protein. By binding to the mRNA, miRNAs can block protein production and even lead to degradation of the mRNA (1, graph below). Conversely, down regulation of miRNAs would lead to upregulation of protein production (2).

To investigate whether RoyalEpigen P5 is able to induce epigenetic changes in human skin cells, expression
of > 1000 miRNAs was analyzed in aged fibroblasts (passage 18) either untreated or treated with 0.1 % RoyalEpigen P5 for 24 h. The seven most downregulated miRNAs were analyzed for their target mRNAs.

Interestingly, these miRNAs target collagen, two types of keratins and a proliferation factor, which are important for youthful skin:

• COL1A1: Encodes the major component of type I collagen, found in most connective tissues

• KRT6B: Keratin 6B, component of keratin filament, decreases with age. Involved in wound healing

• KRT77: Epithelial keratin that is expressed in the skin and eccrine sweat glands

• E2F1-3: Transcription factor which is essential for cellular proliferation.

Therefore, treatment with RoyalEpigen P5 enables skin cells to again produce more of those skin firming and cell proliferation proteins. It thus leads to rejuvenation of fibroblasts through an epigenetic mechanism.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 13.41.28.png

Increase of the Skin Renewal

The effect of RoyalEpigen P5 on the renewal time of the epidermis was measured by using a fluorescent dye (dansyl chloride) that irreversibly stains the stratum corneum cells. And it is only following a complete renewal of the stratum corneum that the dansyl chloride is entirely removed.

Twenty women aged between 40 and 60 (average age: 48.9 years) and presenting an uneven skin tone applied the test products (2 % RoyalEpigen P5 cream and the corresponding placebo) twice daily for a period of

56 days to the inner side of their forearms. At day 28,
a 5 % dansyl chloride suspension was applied to the test areas under occlusive patches for 24 hours. Following this, the level of fluorescence was assessed visually under UV light from day 43 onwards until the skin was no longer fluorescent.

Results showed that RoyalEpigen P5 increased the turn- over of the epidermis as it led to a reduction of the skin renewal time of almost 12 % (which corresponds to a 3 day reduction) compared to untreated and almost 6% compared to the placebo.


Smoothing Effect

Twenty women aged between 40 and 60 (aver-age age: 48.9 years) and presenting an uneven skin tone applied either a cream with 2 % RoyalEpigen P5 or the corresponding placebo twice daily for a period of 28 days to the inner side of their forearms. The smoothness of their skin was determined by using the PRIMOS system.

As a result of the increased skin renewal, RoyalEpigen P5 smooths the skin and this occurs after just 14 days of application. With 2% RoyalEpigen P5, the skin smoothness was increased by:

• more than 10 % compared to initial conditions after 14 days

• 16 % compared to initial conditions after 28 days.

The increase in skin smoothness was observed on 100 % of the volunteers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 13.43.38.png

Improvement of Skin Tone Evenness

Twenty women aged between 40 and 60 (average age: 48.9 years) and presenting an uneven skin tone applied a 2 % RoyalEpigen P5 cream onto their faces twice daily for a period of 28 days.

The heterogeneity of their complexion was analyzed by measuring the skin lightness (L*) on six selected locations across the face (the forehead, temples and cheeks) using a chromameter. From there, the standard deviation of these six measurements was calculated. The higher the standard deviation, the higher was the heterogeneity of the complexion.

Results showed that RoyalEpigen P5 led to a rapid de- crease in standard deviation of the L* values measured on the six points in the face.

RoyalEpigen P5 therefore increased the homogeneity of the skin:

• +6 % compared to initial conditions after 14 days
• +12.6 % compared to initial conditions after 28 days. Thus, by improving the uniformity of the complexion, RoyalEpigen P5 makes the skin more radiant.

The increase in skin clarity was observed on 80 % of the volunteers.

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