Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate is one of my most cherished skin care finds of the first half of 2017

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One of my most cherished skin care finds of the first half of 2017 is
Royal Epigen P5 Perfection Concentrate from a.g.e.stop Switzerland and here is why:
1. I’ve used the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate for about 15 days already but just within 5 days of using it, my skin felt and looked more supple, hydrated, and more refreshed than it has ever been!
2. It is packed with powerful, well researched  and most awarded anti-aging ingredients. I expect dramatic results to follow after a few months of use.
3. Applying it on my skin is just pure pleasure.
Let me set the stage for you. I am not some person with dehydrated skin who tries a reasonably hydrating product and goes, ” Oh how lovely. It has made such a difference.”
Before using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate, I’ve been using the amazing Harmonizen cream from Sulwhasoo for a long time.  If you are familiar with Sulwhasoo’s products you may remember that the Harmonizen cream is their top notch super duper amazing and super expensive cream. ( I was only able to afford it in the form of samples from eBay).
In other words, even before using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate, my skin was already extremely supple, soft and smooth. So try to imagine my surprise when after using the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate my skin felt even more supple, more hydrated and even smoother!
But what surprised me the most was the visual difference the concentrate made to my skin. Each day I used it, my skin looked as if I’ve had a face massage. Super refreshed.
If you’ve had a face massage you know what I mean. After a face massage the skin looks more awake and the face seems lifted because the wrinkles and lines were smoothed.
I also noticed that the crepey skin under my chin disappeared and my skin tone seemed more even. But for the first week I was using all four of a.g.e. stop Switzerland anti-aging products,  so they may have contributed to some of the results collectively.
Also, my complexion seemed to have a glow.  I was sceptical at first. Was I imagining things? But it has been 15 days since I first started using the concentrate and I’ve confirmed it with several mirrors. My skin is glowing.
I used to roll my eyes whenever a Korean product would list “luminance” as one of the expected results. No more. I am a believer.
The Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate comes in a lovely looking bottle with airless pump. I absolutely love its deep yellow colour. As you will see in the photo below, the colour is very similar to the true colour of  the precious Royal Jelly.
And Oh my goodness, the scent! Honestly, each day I look forward to this scent. To imagine it, try thinking of Spring flowers, but not the fragrant ones. Think of delicate snowdrops or tulips picked on a crisp Spring morning.
Applying it on the skin is pure joy for the senses. Little goes a long way because of its light, serum like texture. And just as the other a.g.e.stop Switzerland products, I apply Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate around the eyes as well. My droopy lids need as much help as they can get. I apply it at night because that is when I have more time to spread it slowly and enjoy the experience.
Honestly, the whole experience of applying this concentrate to my skin feels super luxurious. The light texture, the fresh scent and even its deep yellow colour make me feel as if I am applying something as precious as liquid gold on my skin. I love it.
In the photograph below you will see in light yellow real Royal Jelly- one of the most super of all super foods! In deep yellow colour is the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate. Isn’t that colour just gorgeous?!
Luckily for someone as heavy-handed as me when it comes to applying skin care products, the bottle is a generous 60ml.
The outer packaging has instructions in four languages- English, Russian, German and French.
On the outer packaging, in the list of ingredients I find not only the INCI names of the ingredients but also their trade names. What does that mean? I Googled it and found out the following:
The INCI names of ingredients are the scientific names of cosmetic ingredients. For example we all know of the super famous peptide Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl 3000 is the trade name. The  INCI name  for Matrixyl 3000 is actually Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide -7.
Apparently, skin care products must list the ingredients by writing their scientific INCI names. And in case you are wondering, the abbreviation INCI stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.
Isn’t this super helpful to those of us who are not familiar with the INCI names of ingredients? I think that’s one brilliant idea.
Have a look at the photograph below of the list of ingredients. In light grey are the INCI names of ingredients, in bold are the trade names. Not a brilliant photo but you get the picture 🙂
“Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science” is the brand’s motto.
I am inspired by the owner of the brand, Lily. She is one of my most favourite Youtubers. Her channel is called
Whenever I follow Lily’s recommendations I get results I love. In regard to skin care I trust her completely. It is hard to come by such passion and integrity as hers.
She often says that her skin is her brand. She is nearly 40 years young yet with no fillers or Botox, her skin is wonderfully youthful. I have watched pretty much all her videos and it always amazes me that with a  normal camera, different angles of lighting,  and no make up- her skin is  always impeccable.
Have a look at the video below in which Lily talks about the Royal Epigen P5 Concetrate
Below is Lily’s latest video in which she is the guest speaker at Ladies Lunch Zurich in Switzerland. All the ladies in this short clip look lovely and elegant. But notice Lily’s glow…She looks as if she has just stepped out of a Spa…
Now perhaps the most impressive part.
Have a look at the long list of powerful, well researched, well formulated, and award winning ingredients included in Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate:
Swiss Snow Algae
PhytocellTec Numatak
Royal Epigen P5
Golden Collagencine PF Peptide
Hyaluronic Acid
Matrixyl 3000
Bifida Ferment Lysate
Hydrolized Silk
Now that is one amazingly powerful ingredient list.
The full list of ingredients is on the a.g.e.stop Switzerland website. Each key ingredient is explained and we can read why each ingredient is good for our skin. And for those of us that are more scientifically minded and would like to read up on the research behind the claims, there is a link to that information.
Here is what you will find when you go to the list of ingredients on the a.g.e. stop Switzerland website. All key ingredients are listed in this manner. Below I’ve included just a couple of ingredients to illustrate the point:
PhytoCellTecNunatak® (please visit view Clinical Research)

  • Increases anti-ageing processes in the skin cells by (+40%).
  • Clinically proven to promote the longevity of skin cells.
  • Strengthens dermal connective tissues by 35%.
  • Inhibits collagen destruction in ageing skin cells by up to 58%.
  • Significant increase in skin hydration and a reduction of wrinkles by 30% in 20 days.

Award Winning – Swiss Developed Royal Epigen P5 (click on the Ingredient to view Clinical Research)

  • Delivers unparalleled smoothness to skin
  • Clinically proven to deliver radiant appearance to skin
  • Significant reduction of wrinkles
Here is a link to a.g.e.stop Switzerland for a full list of key ingredients for the Royal Epigen P5 Concentrate.
As you can tell, I feel very excited to have found such an amazing product. Make sure to come back in a few months time for my update!
Till next time,

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